The Civil Rights Movement's Citizenship Schools

MTSU Spring 2018 Honors Lecture Series: American Values 

Race, Policing, & Social Justice from Ferguson to Baltimore

In this special program sponsored by the James Weldon Johnson Institute at Emory University,  scholars discuss the social, political, and policy implications of the  Black Lives Matter Movement. 

MTSU John Pleas Award

 The 2014 John Pleas Faculty Recognition Award was presented to Dr. Sekou  Franklin during a special ceremony in the Tom Jackson Building on the  MTSU campus, Thursday, Feb. 27, 2014.  

Panel Analyzing Tennessee Gerrymandering

Tennessee political analysts discuss redistricting and practice of  gerrymandering in the Volunteer State at a League of Women Voters  screening of the documentary film, "Gerrymandering" in Nashville Oct. 6,  2011.